FONDITAL GAS BOILER SYSTEM – Wall hung condensing Gas Boiler


  • Controls to manage two different types of solar thermal systems fitted as standard
  • Thermopolymer-covered stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Heating expansion vessel – 10 litres
  • Thermoregulation with external probe (optional)
  • DHW “Comfort” function: ★★★
  • Automatic by-pass


  • Modulation ratio 1:9
  • Condensation also in DHW operation thanks to the thermally insulated 26-plate DHW heat exchanger
  • Management of one heating zone with ambient temperature probe and two zones with zone kit
  • Double filling system: automatic and manual
  • High domestic hot water production, more power during DHW operation
  • Multifunction relay for connection to systems with zone valves or to solar plant or to remote alarm signal
  • High-efficiency modulating circulation pump with built-in air purging device