For more than 70 years, REHAU has been driven by the ambition to enhance the lives of people around the world by developing innovative polymer-based solutions that continue to redefine what is possible in construction, automotive and industry.

Today, with in-depth knowledge of materials and extensive experience in technologies and manufacturing processes, we meet wide-ranging individual needs with customized solutions. Whether improving road safety, enhancing a home’s appearance or helping to reduce a building’s energy consumption, REHAU’s tailor-made polymer products make life better in countless ways.


Rehau Rautitan Pipes

The RAUTITAN pipes for drinking water have multifunctional applications, as they are contributing to avoid the risk of algae and fungus bacteria growth in the pipes. The system is applicable where the hygiene demands are too high (e.g. hospitals) according to Work Sheet DVGW W270.

REHAU has developed and designed two types of RAUTITAN pipes, to satisfy and meet all needs and expectations of every professional technician. RAUTITAN Stabil is a non-flexible and stable pipe whereas, the RAUTITAN Flex is a flexible pipe.


The Rautitan Stabil Pipe is made of high-density cross-linked polyethylene and aluminium plated (PE-Xa/Al) according to DIN 16892, DIN EN 573-3 and DVGW Work Sheet W542.  The DVGW protocol number is DVGW DW-8501 AU2346 (system approval). Rautitan Stabil pipe is silver-coloured (RAL9006) and pressure-functioned at 10bar/90°C.

The Rautitan Stabil Pipes accept an isolation-effect during their production at the factory. They come at different designs and sizes and can be consider as an interchangeable solution to metallic and plastic pipes, which are used for the common installation systems.

They also have: the highest oxygen barrier effect, the lowest heat conductivity and the smallest heat expansion coefficient compared to the traditional pipes supplied in the market.

The isolator of the RAUTITAN pipe during the producing procedure consists of pressurized material and polyethylene membrane, which do not allow the humidity to pass through the pipe. Outstanding long-term stress ruptures resistance at high temperatures and FCKW free. Heat leakage, stream, corrosion and infra-noise isolated protection.


The Rautitan Flex Pipe is made of high-density cross-linked polyethylene sheath (RAU-PE-Xa) according to DIN 16892 and DVGW Work Sheet W531. DVGW protocol number: DVGW DW-8501 AU2200(system approval). DIN Certco: 3V257 PE-Xa. Those pipes have the highest oxygen-barrier effect, according to DIN 4726. The Rautitan Flex Pipe is silver-coloured (RAL9006) and functions at pressure of 10bar/90°C.

The Rautitan Flex Pipes, are embedded with a protective conduit during their producing procedure, and consider to be the best solution supplied in the market, for the “pipe in pipe” system for drinking water and central heating installations.

The conduit of the pipe is polyethylene-made and serves as a hydraulic barrier according to DIN 1988. Furthermore, the conduit manufactured to stand temperatures up to 105°C according to DIN 49019.



Rehau Rautherm S Pipe

The REHAU pipe which is used for the under floor heating is the well- known RAUTHERM S oxygen barrier pipe made of high-density cross linked PE-Xa which has proven effective for over 30 years. The cross linking process takes place at a high temperature with the aid of peroxides. The individual polyethylene molecules combine to form a three dimensional network. This further enhances the already excellent properties of polyethylene, especially in terms of its resistance to high temperature and pressure, impact strength at low temperatures and resistance to stress cracking.

The co-extruded oxygen barrier consists of ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVAL), the polymer with the highest barrier effect. This material exceeds by far the oxygen impermeability requirements in accordance with DIN 4726. An adhesive coating between base pipe and barrier coating produces affirm bond. The EVAL coating, which is not water soluble, is highly resistant to abrasion and weathering, and is thus capable of withstanding the roughest of treatment at the contraction site.


Rehau Jointing System

  • Very durable and millions of connections have been created and have been performing satisfactorily.
  • REHAU compression sleeve jointing technique works without O-ring and sealing material.
  • REHAU compression sleeve jointing technique, without O-ring, can withstand rugged site condition, immediate pressure testing and with hot water.
  • Good hydraulic characteristics (able to reduce hydraulic hammer effects)
  • Complete range of pipe dimensions from 016 to 063 and with full accessories.                                                   
  • Numerous configuration of RAUTITAN fittings to meet various installation needs. All RAUTITAN fittings are corrosion resistance (DZR/CR).
  • No risk of making improper connections. One type of compression sleeve and fittings for the whole RAUTITAN family of pipes.
  • Universal tools RAUTOOL for all REHAU compression sleeve connections
  • RAUTITAN fittings are made from dezincification resistant brass according to DIN EN 12164, DIN EN 12165 and DIN EN 12168
  • Wide product range                 
  • REHAU fire collar protection system
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