REHAU offers a complete under floor heating system for any kind of building installation. All materials used for the under floor heating system are entirely produced by REHAU so as to offer the best possible solution regarding the guarantee, aestheticism and longevity to the whole system.

REHAU, manufactures a multi range of products using different materials, so as to provide any installer a surfeit of solutions enabling the installation of the under floor heating system. Straight below, we present you the best possible product range which can be selected depending on the building installations of Cyprus’s market.

Rehau Manifold

REHAU collector (manifold)

We choose the most appropriate REHAU collector to enable the zone-division procedure of the building as required. The collector which REHAU manufactures provides adjustable valves and an indicator for the hot water supply to the central heating system. The adjustable valves can be considered a useful advantage in the long run as they will enable the owner of the house, to adjust himself separately each zone or specific area in the house for having the central heating on.

Rehau Rautherm S Pipe

Foam concrete covering

Following the necessary check for the impermeability of the Rautherm S main pipes which have already been installed, those pipes are covered with foam concrete. This material is used for two reasons: first for the building not to have additional burden, and second, to insulate the area which exists under the underfloor heating system. This procedure results to the maximum heating power of the system towards the in-house areas. The covering of the Rautherm S main pipes, plumbing and air conditioning pipe work with foam concrete, is usually estimated to a thickness of 13 to 15 centimeters.

Rehau Insulation

Rehau Underfloor heating installation

Allowing 3 to 4 days to pass, the foam concrete will be dry enough so as to enable the continuation of the underfloor heating installation procedure. First of all, we line the wall using the REHAU Edge Insulation Strip. The REHAU strip has a 180mm height, 10mm thickness and is got an adhesive strip on the reverse side to ease its application. The installation strip is specially designed by REHAU in such a way, so as to absorb the foam concrete’s thermo-contractions and thermo-diastoles. Finishing with the wall lining, next step is to apply the REHAU studded panel, on the foam concrete and on the whole inside floor area.

The REHAU EPS VARIO Studded Panel is polystyrene made, is thermal-conduction resistant at 0,657m2K/W, and its 5cm thickness is completely hydro-insulated achieved by a thermal shock treatment before leaving the factory. Finishing with the studded panel installation, the pipe work installation process follows for the REHAU underfloor heating. All pipe work starts from and ends up at the REHAU manifold, which has already been installed at the first stage of the underfloor heating procedure, and in such a way, so as to successfully enable the heating operating independently in any area of the house.

Rehau Additive Liquid

REHAU pipes covering

Following the water impermeability procedure, the pipes covering procedure comes next, using the screed C-20 or C-25 liquid. REHAU manufactures a special liquid named REHAU Screed Additive Liquid which can be mixed with the screed and thus improves the thermal conductivity of the foam concrete. The pipes are better embedded with a quantity of 4.5cm to 5.5cm screed. For the placement of the ceramic plaques, the builder is obliged to use, no more than 2cm in thickness, mud with glue.

Rehau Complete UFH

REHAU complete system

For the final and complete installation of all necessary equipment needed in the engine-house, REHAU offers a unique range of automatically operated products for hot water mixing temperatures, cylinders for hot water, solar panels, a full range of geothermic systems and pipes to offer the best possible product selection with the guarantee of REHAU.

Price List

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